Committed To Reducing Hazardous Waste

Did you know that Australia produces around 6.3 million tonnes of hazardous waste annually, which is only increasing? One of the most significant contributors to this hazardous waste is the chemicals in our home cleaning solutions and skin care products. With the sole aim to protect the environment, we vowed to develop eco-friendly and sustainable products for your skin, hair and for your home. We are committed to reducing the waste and toxic ingredients to keep your planet green, clean and chemical-free. Our company wants to assist people who want to live a sustainable life and eliminate all the chemical-based products from their lives.

Creating A More Sustainable World

At Natural Products and Tools, we want to create a sustainable environment by using recyclable packing and materials. All our packaging is made from recycled plastic that is taken from landfills in your neighbourhood and converted for reuse. This will help remove:

  • One million plastic bottles from going to landfills.
  • 1.5 million bottles from the oceans.

Devoted To Removing Chemicals From Our Environment

According to a study in 2018, the chemicals present in cleaning solutions can cause as much damage to our lungs as 20 cigarettes can. These harmful chemicals can also land on our skin and cause chronic allergies like asthma and skin diseases like eczema. This is why we at Natural Products and Tools decided to provide our consumers with entirely natural and organic alternatives that will effectively do the job and be safe for you and your environment. Our premises is also cleaned by a cleaning company which uses eco-friendly products for end of lease cleaning Sydney. They are also a committed company like ours to save the environment. By using their services, we fulfill our promise to promote sustainable businesses, who care for the Earth and climate!

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    Plant-based products that are entirely free of any chemicals and safe to use.

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    Recycled packaging that is sourced from landfills and oceans to reduce plastic wastage and damage to the environment

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    Cruelty-free products as we do not test our products on any animals.

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    Regular clients to date who are as committed as us to protecting the environment and keeping everyone safe.

Cruelty-Free Since 1989

When Natural Products and Tools was established in 1989 in Sydney, NSW, many companies were conducting animal testing in Australia to find new ingredients for products. Around 95% of these tests failed and offered no practical solutions. This was an immense loss of animal lives, time and money. Even 85% of Australians were against animal testing in cosmetics. As a brand, we have always vowed never to test on animals and have certified our brand as cruelty-free. We understand our responsibility to co-exist with other creatures of this planet and make good products without impacting their lives. Animals need support and love from us, and our initiative to manufacture our products without testing them on them helps us to care for the environment and its fauna. Thus, We only use plant-based ingredients that are already available for use and are suitable for the environment.

Our company prides itself on being natural and eco-friendly. We have listed our franchise on Business2sell, the renowned portal to find thousands of business for sale in Sydney Australia. Our description clearly mentions only people who vow to follow our principles and eco-friendly practices can apply. Our products are completely biodegradable and don’t harm the planet. If you are looking for products that are good quality and you can use them without regrets, we are the brand you should trust. So, get our products now and give a new meaning to personal care and house cleaning.


Did you know plastic bottles can survive up to 500 years on land and in oceans? You can help us eliminate over 1 million plastic bottles in our clean-ups of the beaches and landfills so we can prevent this damage.

Using Renewable Energy to Power Operations

At Natural Equipment, we don’t test on animals and manufacture our products ethically and eco-friendly. Our aim is to make useful products without impacting earth or using its non-renewable resources. Therefore, our manufacturing unit is solar powered. It has over 200 solar panels across the facility to power different units and manage operations in an energy efficient way. The Solar PV Cells work by trapping sunlight and converting its radiation into electricity with the help of solar convertors. Thus, we proudly say, all our operations are completed sustainably. As we expand our brand, we expect to establish more panels to boost production.

  • Premium Raw Materials

    We uphold our quality of products without compromising on our principles of providing natural products, by using premium and eco-friendly raw materials sourced from local producers. Therefore, whatever personal care items you purchase from us, use them without worry.

  • No Volatile Organic Compounds

    Our entire range of cleaning products is natural, sustainable and non-toxic. It is free of chemicals and volatile organic compounds that cause asthma, allergies and respiratory distress in most humans and animals.

  • Biodegradable Packaging

    Say goodbye to plastic and toxic packing materials that end up in landfill and take thousands of years to degrade. Our products are sold in reusable and biodegradable packing supplies to ensure they don’t pollute the land and water.

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