Reasons You Must Avoid Using Palm Oil

Have you ever noticed that around 40 to 50% of the products in your home contain palm oil? Palm oil has various uses, from food products to hair oils, shampoos and conditioners, soaps and cosmetics. Products with palm oil also have a long shelf life and low prices, attracting more people. But palm oil is hazardous to the environment and causes several problems like deforestation, acute climate change, extinction of creatures and child labour. Here are some of these reasons why you should avoid products with palm oil and opt for more organic products instead, like those with Natural products and tools:


The demand for palm oil has increased to such an extent that forests in Indonesia that are as big as 300 football fields are being cleared for palm oil plantations. This deforestation is mainly done using fire, which can spread and harm the surrounding communities. The smoke from these fires is also hazardous and can cause severe breathing problems if someone inhales it.

Increased Carbon Emissions

Due to the rise in smoke levels and the lack of trees, these areas have increased carbon emissions. For instance, Indonesia has seen a 30% increase in carbon emissions due to the deforestation of these carbon-trapping areas. This will cause several pollution problems worldwide and can severely damage the environment.

Extinction Of Orangutans

According to the Orangutan Conservancy, in the past 20 years, orangutans have lost almost 80% of their natural habitat. In fact, in Sumatra and Borneo alone, the orangutan population has decreased by over 20,000 in the past ten years. This is because the forests they live in are being cut down to grow palm oil plantations. This is a danger to these animals, and this must be stopped as soon as possible.

Human Rights Abuses

Around 3.7 million people work in palm oil plantations, and most of these are children. They are employed at lower prices and are made to work long hours. Most child labourers are brought through trafficking or debt bondage and forced to work here. This is a severe violation of human rights abuse and should be stopped immediately.

Bad For Your Health

Palm oil contains saturated fats and can severely damage your cholesterol and health. A study found that people who enjoyed a diet rich in palm oil for five weeks significantly increased their cholesterol levels. Therefore, avoiding any products with palm oil is better and opt for natural and healthy alternatives that are not full of saturated fats.


The use of palm oil has dramatically increased worldwide due to its high shelf life, low prices, and easy availability. Companies can offer products with palm oils at competitive prices and make a profit. But there are several harmful effects of palm oil, and avoiding using products with it is better. You can instead buy hair care, body washes and hair oils with natural solutions at Natural products and tools and help save the environment.

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