Everything You Need to Know About Dry Brushing

Drying brushing is an ancient self-care ritual used in Ayurveda and Roman, Egyptian and traditional Chinese medicines. Its pioneers were the ancient Egyptians who used it for increasing their beauty. Today, dry brushing has become trendy through advocacy by social media influencers and celebrities. So, if you want to hop on the trend of dry brushing to improve your skin’s health, here is your complete guide. Read on to know what is dry brushing, its benefits, risks and much more.

What is Dry Brushing?

As the name suggests, it is a beautification method where you take a soft body brush to gently scrub your skin without any cleaning product. It helps remove dead skin cells allowing better absorption of oils/moisturisers and aids in elimination of toxins. Benefits of Dry Brushing
    • You can exfoliate your skin with Natural Equipment’s wide range of natural bristled body brushes made with sisal a plant fibre. Here are the benefits of dry brushing.
    • Complete exfoliation of skin to remove dryness and dead skin cell. It leaves your skin extremely smooth and soft.
    • It’s a form of massage that helps reduce stress levels and relax your body. Dry brushing improves circulation and you get the best results doing in a quiet and isolated state.
    • Reduces cellulite which is appearance of cottage cheese like skin especially on the legs and arms.
  Brushing with natural products is good for your skin and the environment. You can exfoliate and beautify your skin sustainably and reduce the use of plastic cosmetic tools.

Who Shouldn’t Dry Brush?

People with sensitive skin who break into rashes, acne or other skin issues easily should avoid this form of exfoliation. Also, people with eczema, psoriasis, or any other ongoing skin problem shouldn’t dry brush because it can aggravate the problems.

Best Way to Dry Brush

Make sure to get a natural brush with a long handle to reach every part of your body. Always find a secure place to sit or stand before dry brushing.  
    • Start from the bottom by scrubbing your feet
    • Move the brush in a circular clockwise motion.
    • Scrub thin-skinned areas lightly and thick-skinned areas with more pressure.
    • Always be ready to take a shower with lukewarm water to remove dead skin and other skin debris.
    • Never take a hot bath or shower after dry brushing as it can damage your skin.
    • Lastly, apply coconut oil, olive oil, or any other natural moisturiser.
    • Avoid using palm oil or product with palm oil as they are bad for you and the environment. Read the label to ensure the moisturiser is paraben and chemical-free.
  While brushing avoid going over wounds, rashes, cuts or infections. Also, never use the brush with a harsh scrubbing product because it will cause more harm than good. Dry brushing in itself is an exfoliating activity and clubbing it with another form of exfoliation is never recommended.

Taking Care of The Brush

Develop the habit of washing your dry brushing tool to prevent spread of germs. Cleaning tools can become hot spots for pathogens causing viral or bacterial infections. Therefore, keep a mild liquid soap on hand to wash the brush immediately after using. Since you have to take a shower after dry brushing, it is best to do the activity in the bathroom before your shower. If you do, then washing the brush is a matter if minutes. After washing the brush, remove excess water and air dry the tool. Ensure its bristles are completely dry before using again. Also, never share your brush with another household member. If others want to dry brush, make sure they get their own brush and wash it after every use. This step is crucial to maintain personal hygiene and prevent transfer illness-causing pathogens.

The Bottom Line

If you have a normal or oily skin that is free of allergies, rashes, acne and other problems, you can use dry brushing to exfoliate you skin. It will leave it smooth and supple. Dry brushing is a great technique for removing dead skin cells from your body. Thus, use this guide to know everything about the process and use Natural Equipment’s range of organic brushes to get started now.

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